Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lori and Brian’s marriage coincided with the lilac blooms and welcoming warmth of early spring. The Joseph Ambler Inn was in full bloom for their ceremony and reception! Lori, originally from Tremont and a Registered Nurse and Brian, originally from Lansdale and an Air Force Technical Sergeant, share an inspiring connection and enthusiasm for life and for each other. Their quirky sense of humor and harmonious laughter are so fun. In May, I had the pleasure of photographing  their marriage.
            Lori and Brian’s conventional relationship started in a way that is becoming conventional, they met online. Lori and Brian’s connection solidified as they traveled through the country. Their wedding cake, masterfully created by The Nightime Kitchen , reflects their travels as a couple. What inspired me the most about Lori and Brian is how their relationship blossomed throughout each city and how their marriage began where they started, in Philadelphia.
            When I photograph a wedding, I gain a sense of how each couple relates to one another. This understanding leads to a sincere connection between me and my subjects. I believe I had a very strong connection with Lori and Brian and the photographs show that.:)