Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back Lighting at Receptions - The Knowlton Mansion Philadelphia

This past November I started using a different lighting technique at wedding receptions. There are some examples above. I use two lights: one on my camera and one off to the side to light the people dancing.

Korean Pae-Beck Wedding Ceremony/ Hindu Ceremony

Rupali and James' Wedding this past 2009 started out with perfect weather and a family and bridal party photoshoot at Longwood Gardens in Chester County. I arrived early at Longwood Gardens and met Rupali and her parents inside. Then we hid Rupali inside and had James go right outside the entrance where there was a beautiful garden and wall. A Perfect spot for a First Glance photo opportunity! Rupali was dressed in a golden Sari and looked stunning. With 18 bridesmaids and groomsmen in the bridal party I didn't want to keep anybody waiting so we got started and took all of Rupali's side of the family photographs.

We took full advantage of Longwood Garden and the beautiful weather and took photos all over the grounds. When we had finished we went over to Harry's Savoy Catering where the crew there was still setting up. Rupali changed her sari and James prepared while my second photographer and I ran around taking photos of the set up. It was great. Once the Hindu ceremony was done it was time for the Pae-Beck Korean ceremony. It was a lot of fun. Rupali and James caught about 25 chestnuts. There are mony children in their future according to this tradition!

After the ceremonies. It was time for the reception! Great job on the first dance Rupali and James. It was amazing! Thanks to my talented second photographer Louise and Brian who assisted that day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding Photos from 2009


I love being a wedding photographer and shooting weddings! When I book a new wedding, I get so excited at the thought of the details and fun times that I get to shoot, and being at a wedding is like getting to discover tiny treasures all over the place! When I look through the photos after I come home, I like to take my time, looking through them for the best ones, the perfect moments that a couple is going to treasure, and show their kids and grandkids. When I select images to blog, or for albums, I think of grandchildren 40 years from now looking at the photos and thinking "things were just so beautiful and different back then"