Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amy and Branden at Bolingbroke Mansion

Amy and Branden are two of the nicest and smartest people you could ever meet. They met in high school 8 year ago and have been together ever since. In fact, there high school teacher in whose class they met was the officiant at their ceremony at their wine box ceremony at Bolingbroke Mansion. It was great to photograph their wedding day with such warm and happy people all around.

We started out with photography at Amy and Branden's house.

Here we all met at the Jenkins Arboretum for a first glance photo and bridal party shoots. What a perfect spot for photosQ Amy and Branden scouted it out and found this hidden gem!

After the shoot it was time to leave for Bolingbroke Mansion.

Catering was by Bobby Star. The cocktail hour and food were INCREDIBLE.