Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Philosophy

Wedding photography is a precious thing. When choosing your photographer, you should select someone who treats their photography as a craft and whose photogenic "eye" you enjoy and relate to. Many years down the road you will have pictures to remind you of your wedding day. I make it my goal to get as many vibrant, meaningful, and gorgeous shots as I can over the course of the day. I enjoy photography, and want you to enjoy your wedding day images! It is so important to have a photographer that will take lovely images of you and your loved ones!

When you have me as your photographer, you are hiring an artist and a craftsman. I love to take pictures! And this benefits my clients. My non-stop shooting style pays off when I get offbeat, silly, or tender moments caught on card. Choosing me as your photographer means you are choosing someone who will take great care of your wedding day memories.