Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Philosophy

Wedding photography is a precious thing. When choosing your photographer, you should select someone who treats their photography as a craft and whose photogenic "eye" you enjoy and relate to. Many years down the road you will have pictures to remind you of your wedding day. I make it my goal to get as many vibrant, meaningful, and gorgeous shots as I can over the course of the day. I enjoy photography, and want you to enjoy your wedding day images! It is so important to have a photographer that will take lovely images of you and your loved ones!

When you have me as your photographer, you are hiring an artist and a craftsman. I love to take pictures! And this benefits my clients. My non-stop shooting style pays off when I get offbeat, silly, or tender moments caught on card. Choosing me as your photographer means you are choosing someone who will take great care of your wedding day memories.


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Jaclyn said...

Hey Liz!
I wanted to post something where future clients could read it. You did our wedding about 2 weeks ago at the William Penn Inn, and we just received the photos yesterday. They are, by far, the best wedding photos I have seen out of the many albums I have been shown. Your "non-stop shooting" really caught so many moments that would have been missed by other photographers. I received over 500 photos and every single one is just perfect. Even my husband was tearing up looking at the pictures.
I especially appreciated that you catered to our preferences, and gave us different photography styles to choose from. I really love your photojournalist style, and that is exactly what I got.
Not only were your photos beautiful, but your professionalism on our wedding day was superb. I dragged you all over the place and you were there at a moment's notice to capture whatever I wanted. When you were taking our portraits you made us all feel like models! And you can tell how at ease everyone felt behind the camera.
You are the only photographer that I found in my extensive search that offers a CD of our images and the rights to them, so that I can reprint them to my heart's content. Most photographers only offer albums, but yours are optional! As an artist by trade, I really wanted to make my own album, and you made that possible (although your sample albums were amazing!). Your pricing is beyond reasonable, and you are worth triple what we paid.
Anyway, I hope that whoever reads this knows to call Liz right away, because you will not find a better photographer ANYWHERE. Trust me, I spent weeks looking, and Liz is by far the BEST IN THE BUSINESS.
-Jaclyn Stackhouse
PS Feel free to post our pictures if you ever need to!!!